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Please note that when you order products that doesn’t mean that they are delivered to your home. Placing an order means that we will hold these products for you at the store and that you have to come by the store to pick them up on the indicated day. If you can not come by, please call and let us know. Unless we there is another arrangement, we’ll hold standard orders for 24 hours from the time the products arrive at the store. If more than 24 hours goes by, and we haven’t heard from you, we’ll remove the hold. It is important to give us your phone number. We’ll call you in case there are any problems or changes to your order.


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Cow Full milk 0.5 L
Cow Full milk 1 L
Cow Semi-skim 0.5 L
Cow Semi-skim 1 L
Cow Skim 0.5 L
Cow Skim 1 L
Goat Full milk 0.5 L
Goat Full milk 1 L


Mató & Recuit
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Mató de vaca 250gr
Recuit de cabra 1 pack with 2 recuits


Mozzarelas & Burratas
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Mozzarella de búfala


Would you like to order a cheese platter?
Please indicate the amount of guests you expect and/or your budget, and we’ll work within your guidelines. It would also be great to know if there are any special needs (maybe someone doesn’t really like blue cheeses or needs to avoid cow milk cheeses or maybe you would want a platter of exclusively Catalan cheeses).


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